We strongly believe that our growth is your growth – Centaurus’ success is derived from our organic growth strategy which is driven by our industry renowned Brokerage Design & Development (“BDD”) Quantum Leap Workshops.

While independent financial advisors are uniquely positioned to act in the best interests of the clients, they are also challenged with the responsibility of building and managing their own business. Centaurus understands that challenge and has created the most robust educational platform for independent financial advisors in the industry.

While competitors spend most of their resources recruiting new advisors and paying for those efforts in handsome sums, Centaurus has chosen to dedicate its valuable resources to an educational platform that turns good advisors into great advisors. The BDD Quantum Leap Workshops offer educational modules that range from service assistant training to advanced planning strategies.

The purpose is simple - by teaching independent advisors the most timely and effective methods for servicing their clientele, they are able to grow their businesses organically. This approach benefits the customer, enhances the quality of our advisors practices and provides for a model of healthy, steady growth for Centaurus.

These business building workshops are planned specifically for our Representatives and their assistants. The workshops are designed to maximize office efficiency and productivity by providing world-class training for our Representatives and their staff. BDD’s Quantum Leap Workshops are unique because BDD hires professional trainers, industry experts, successful branch managers and registered representatives—your peers—to teach (not just share) how they run their businesses more effectively.

Our educational platform is dedicated to helping you cultivate your practice and take your business to the next level. By providing the indispensable tools and the education to accomplish this, Centaurus is investing in its most valuable asset; its Representatives.

Oliver Wendell Holmes once said: “One’s mind once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.”

We believe that your mind will be stretched at our BDD Quantum Leap Workshops!

Key topics featured at our BDD Quantum Leap Workshops include:
  • Build Your Business through Acquisition — How Centaurus Can Help You Find and Purchase Retiring Advisors' Businesses
  • Improving Your Systems to Communicate and Manage Client Portfolios
  • The Fast Track to Master Seminar Marketing
  • Conducting Successful Worksite Seminars — How to Leverage Your Time, Resources and Corporate Relationships
  • Building Your “A” Client List with Client Events
  • “Plug and Play” Client Communication and Dripping Systems
  • Rolling in Rollovers — How to Focus Your Business to Capture More Rollovers
  • Two Weeks to a Better Team — Turnkey Training Manuals and Instruction So You Can Take Your Staff to the Next Level!
  • Customer Service: How to Become the Nordstrom of Your Industry!

In today’s economy, it’s important to secure your assets for a brighter tomorrow. Centaurus Financial can help!